Monday, July 12, 2010


I am updating because my best friend wants me to do it tonight!!! So here I am updating, but I am to sleepy to write more! Love you Hannah!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Being Blessed

I guess you could say I have always been blessed. I don’t think I really realized how lucky I really am until recently. Looking back I have had so many blessings in my life. I grew up in a family full of love and support. We never had a lot of money, but we always had what we really needed. We were clothed, fed, and happy. I have always had friends who cared about me and have been great influences in my life. I have had my challenges, but they have been relative easy compared to what many have had to deal with. For that I am grateful. I was also born into a strong LDS family and because of that I have been given values and principles in life that have only brought me happiness.
The reason I am writing about this now is because I have recently received one of the greatest blessings that I have yet to gain and that I will ever gain. I have found the man that I will marry for time and all eternity. In this I have been blessed beyond expectation. Eric Seger is truly an amazing individual. His upbringing was completely different then my own. He was raised outside of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His childhood was not easy and he has had challenges in his life that I cannot even imagine going through. Even with this background Eric is still able to be a loving, compassionate person. He is so often willing to go out of his way to do something kind for someone else that it amazes me. He also realized that he was missing that something important in his life and knew that he had to find it. It is because of that desire that he found The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and knew that it was what he was missing. After finding the gospel, Eric has had the drive to learn of the Lord and to live in a way that would be pleasing unto him. Eric is one of those individuals that does not let his past hold him down. He knows that the Lord has a plan for him. He has a strong testimony and he inspires me to want to be a better person and servant of the Lord.
When thinking about Eric and the fact he loves me so dearly, I am always shocked. I never believed that I would be blessed. He is truly everything that I ever wanted and more in an eternal companion. I know that he will be a loving and considerate spouse and father to our children. I know that there will be challenges in my future, but in Eric I know that I have been greatly blessed by the Lord and I am extremely grateful! I love you Eric and thank you for choosing me!

Monday, August 10, 2009

When Feeling Down..

Everyone has those days when they are not feeling the best. Sometimes things just don't go the way you plan, or the world feels like it is beating down on you. It happens to everyone. The question is what is it that makes you feel better?
That is a question I always ask myself when I am not feeling myself. The answer I have come up with is music. Music has had a huge effect on my life. It has been a friend in times of joy and in times of trouble. No matter what happens it is always there for me. No matter my mood, it always has something new to say. That is why the answer for me to the question mentioned above is music.
Now that we know what picks me up, what is the answer for you?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Following Her Lead!

So my wonderful friend Hannah just made a post for me as you can easily see below. I decided that if things have gotten so bad that my friends have to post for me then it is definitely time for me to make a new post!
As Hannah said, I am now home! I am so happy about it too! I was really worried about it, but so far so good. I forgot how comfortable it can be to be back in the house you grew up in, not having to worry about getting in someones way. A big plus is not having to pay rent anymore! Mom says I can pay my way through house choirs! Joy! Hehe! Luckily for her I have gotten much better at them since I last live at home. Also, I will be five minutes from where I am doing my internship. That will be a big help.
The sad part will be that I will be back in Hartford. Don't get me wrong. It is not that I do not love my home town. It is that it is so far from everything! Most of my friends live so far away! Grrr.....! All I can say is thank goodness Hannah lives so close. We are going to be a big help to each other for the next year for sure!
The reason why I was worried about moving home is because I was finally learning to be independent and I want to keep that up. I guess that is all up to me though!
I am really excited because I think a new chapter of my life is starting and I can't wait to see where it goes! ;)
So it's been a long time since I last updated. Actually, this isn't even me updating. This is my most wonderful friend Hannah updating for me. :) Lets see...a lot has happened since Cara's last post.

*Cara will be interning at Hartford this Fall semester.
*Since her internship is in Hartford, she decided to move back in with her parents.
*This week Cara and I (her most wonderful friend Hannah, in case you forgot) are going on a photoshoot with Ryan and Sarah. Fun fun. :)

And many more things, but I can't think of any right now...I'm sure Cara will keep you all updated in the future. If not, you'll be hearing from me again. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Fun

Well, I don't actually know how much "fun" Spring Break is going to be this year. It is my senior year in college and needless to say I have piles of homework. In fact, I need to be doing it right now, but I decided I would make my mom happy by posting. I have a plan for this week so that I can get most of my work done and still have a little bit of fun. The family planned a camping trip from Thursday to Saturday. I have decided that if I work really hard from now until then I can get a big portion of my work completed. Of course, knowing me, I won't get hardly any of it finished, but at least I had good intentions!
What is really going to make getting my work done difficult is the fact that my Mom is watching the girls(my nieces) for the next two days so that my sister Michelle can get some work done at her house. I am down at my Moms house, but I am not able to help out because of my work load. So, my other sister Diana and her husband are coming to watch! I don't think her husband David is thrilled at the idea, but what are you going to do?

I have had a little fun so far. I found out I can fit in a dryer. Yep, it is true. My sister in-law Sara and I were doing laundry when I decided that it felt very nice in the dryer and wanted to see if I could fit. Sure, it was a tight fit, but how many people do you know that are adults and can fit in a dryer? Not many I am sure!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Best Family

Even though my family is HUGE we are all really close! Growing up I always had someone to play with, and someone to get in trouble with. Now that I am older, I always have someone to get advise from. It is great. I mean sure, we have our fights but we always know that we will be fine again soon. I guess the reason behind why we are all so close stems from the fact that my parents are amazing, and also, because of our religion we have always had guidelines that keep us all on the straight and narrow. Because of our morals and our amazing upbringing, my family have always really valued each other. We see both the strengths and weaknesses in each other and we are always there we are needed. I have 13 best friends and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Because of my amazing background I feel that I have the right to say this. If you have a family big or small, or if you are just starting one, my advise is this. If you wish to be truely happy, make your family your main priority. Spend time with them. Get to know them. Figure out what you can do to make them happy. Nothing is more important in your life then the people that you share it with. It has often been said that money is not what brings happiness. I do not feel that anything could be more true. It is important that your family is provided for, but time can always be found for family.